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Using PSExec With IPv6

The question of how to use PSExec against an IPv6 host has come up a couple of times, and for some reason, people don't seem to think it is possible.

PSExec needs to be able to talk to the admin$ share, in order to function. If it can do that over IPv6, that should be enough.

What people seem to miss is what you have to do in order to form an IPv6 UNC. Put simply - to put an IPv6 address in a Windows UNC, you replace the colons with dashes, and change any percent signs to a letter s, and add .ipv6-literal.net to the end of it. So, ::1 becomes \\--1.ipv6-literal.net.

Running psexec \\--1.ipv6-literal.net cmd.exe will work, but psexec \\::1 cmd.exe will not.