LMErr Codes

These are from the file lmerr.h. You can link to a specific error number, either by hex value or decimal - eg This is a link to NERR_TimeDiffAtDC in lmerr.html#2457, and so is this - lmerr.html#0x999.

You might also be interested in looking at ntstatus.h, winerror.h, clusvmsg.h, vsserror.h, winldap.h, esent98.h and WbemCli.h.

2102836The workstation driver is not installed.NERR_NetNotStarted
2103837The server could not be located.NERR_UnknownServer
2104838An internal error occurred. The network cannot access a shared memory segment.NERR_ShareMem
2105839A network resource shortage occurred.NERR_NoNetworkResource
210683aThis operation is not supported on workstations.NERR_RemoteOnly
210783bThe device is not connected.NERR_DevNotRedirected
2114842The Server service is not started.NERR_ServerNotStarted
2115843The queue is empty.NERR_ItemNotFound
2116844The device or directory does not exist.NERR_UnknownDevDir
2117845The operation is invalid on a redirected resource.NERR_RedirectedPath
2118846The name has already been shared.NERR_DuplicateShare
2119847The server is currently out of the requested resource.NERR_NoRoom
2121849Requested addition of items exceeds the maximum allowed.NERR_TooManyItems
212284aThe Peer service supports only two simultaneous users.NERR_InvalidMaxUsers
212384bThe API return buffer is too small.NERR_BufTooSmall
212784fA remote API error occurred.NERR_RemoteErr
2131853An error occurred when opening or reading the configuration file.NERR_LanmanIniError
2136858A general network error occurred.NERR_NetworkError
2137859The Workstation service is in an inconsistent state. Restart the computer before restarting the Workstation service.NERR_WkstaInconsistentState
213885aThe Workstation service has not been started.NERR_WkstaNotStarted
213985bThe requested information is not available.NERR_BrowserNotStarted
214085cAn internal error occurred.NERR_InternalError
214185dThe server is not configured for transactions.NERR_BadTransactConfig
214285eThe requested API is not supported on the remote server.NERR_InvalidAPI
214385fThe event name is invalid.NERR_BadEventName
2144860The computer name already exists on the network. Change it and restart the computer.NERR_DupNameReboot
2146862The specified component could not be found in the configuration information.NERR_CfgCompNotFound
2147863The specified parameter could not be found in the configuration information.NERR_CfgParamNotFound
2149865A line in the configuration file is too long.NERR_LineTooLong
2150866The printer does not exist.NERR_QNotFound
2151867The print job does not exist.NERR_JobNotFound
2152868The printer destination cannot be found.NERR_DestNotFound
2153869The printer destination already exists.NERR_DestExists
215486aThe printer queue already exists.NERR_QExists
215586bNo more printers can be added.NERR_QNoRoom
215686cNo more print jobs can be added.NERR_JobNoRoom
215786dNo more printer destinations can be added.NERR_DestNoRoom
215886eThis printer destination is idle and cannot accept control operations.NERR_DestIdle
215986fThis printer destination request contains an invalid control function.NERR_DestInvalidOp
2160870The print processor is not responding.NERR_ProcNoRespond
2161871The spooler is not running.NERR_SpoolerNotLoaded
2162872This operation cannot be performed on the print destination in its current state.NERR_DestInvalidState
2163873This operation cannot be performed on the printer queue in its current state.NERR_QinvalidState
2164874This operation cannot be performed on the print job in its current state.NERR_JobInvalidState
2165875A spooler memory allocation failure occurred.NERR_SpoolNoMemory
2166876The device driver does not exist.NERR_DriverNotFound
2167877The data type is not supported by the print processor.NERR_DataTypeInvalid
2168878The print processor is not installed.NERR_ProcNotFound
2180884The service database is locked.NERR_ServiceTableLocked
2181885The service table is full.NERR_ServiceTableFull
2182886The requested service has already been started.NERR_ServiceInstalled
2183887The service does not respond to control actions.NERR_ServiceEntryLocked
2184888The service has not been started.NERR_ServiceNotInstalled
2185889The service name is invalid.NERR_BadServiceName
218688aThe service is not responding to the control function.NERR_ServiceCtlTimeout
218788bThe service control is busy.NERR_ServiceCtlBusy
218888cThe configuration file contains an invalid service program name.NERR_BadServiceProgName
218988dThe service could not be controlled in its present state.NERR_ServiceNotCtrl
219088eThe service ended abnormally.NERR_ServiceKillProc
219188fThe requested pause or stop is not valid for this service.NERR_ServiceCtlNotValid
2192890The service control dispatcher could not find the service name in the dispatch table.NERR_NotInDispatchTbl
2193891The service control dispatcher pipe read failed.NERR_BadControlRecv
2194892A thread for the new service could not be created.NERR_ServiceNotStarting
2200898This workstation is already logged on to the local-area network.NERR_AlreadyLoggedOn
2201899The workstation is not logged on to the local-area network.NERR_NotLoggedOn
220289aThe user name or group name parameter is invalid.NERR_BadUsername
220389bThe password parameter is invalid.NERR_BadPassword
220489c@W The logon processor did not add the message alias.NERR_UnableToAddName_W
220589dThe logon processor did not add the message alias.NERR_UnableToAddName_F
220689e@W The logoff processor did not delete the message alias.NERR_UnableToDelName_W
220789fThe logoff processor did not delete the message alias.NERR_UnableToDelName_F
22098a1Network logons are paused.NERR_LogonsPaused
22108a2A centralized logon-server conflict occurred.NERR_LogonServerConflict
22118a3The server is configured without a valid user path.NERR_LogonNoUserPath
22128a4An error occurred while loading or running the logon script.NERR_LogonScriptError
22148a6The logon server was not specified. Your computer will be logged on as STANDALONE.NERR_StandaloneLogon
22158a7The logon server could not be found.NERR_LogonServerNotFound
22168a8There is already a logon domain for this computer.NERR_LogonDomainExists
22178a9The logon server could not validate the logon.NERR_NonValidatedLogon
22198abThe security database could not be found.NERR_ACFNotFound
22208acThe group name could not be found.NERR_GroupNotFound
22218adThe user name could not be found.NERR_UserNotFound
22228aeThe resource name could not be found.NERR_ResourceNotFound
22238afThe group already exists.NERR_GroupExists
22248b0The user account already exists.NERR_UserExists
22258b1The resource permission list already exists.NERR_ResourceExists
22268b2This operation is only allowed on the primary domain controller of the domain.NERR_NotPrimary
22278b3The security database has not been started.NERR_ACFNotLoaded
22288b4There are too many names in the user accounts database.NERR_ACFNoRoom
22298b5A disk I/O failure occurred.NERR_ACFFileIOFail
22308b6The limit of 64 entries per resource was exceeded.NERR_ACFTooManyLists
22318b7Deleting a user with a session is not allowed.NERR_UserLogon
22328b8The parent directory could not be located.NERR_ACFNoParent
22338b9Unable to add to the security database session cache segment.NERR_CanNotGrowSegment
22348baThis operation is not allowed on this special group.NERR_SpeGroupOp
22358bbThis user is not cached in user accounts database session cache.NERR_NotInCache
22368bcThe user already belongs to this group.NERR_UserInGroup
22378bdThe user does not belong to this group.NERR_UserNotInGroup
22388beThis user account is undefined.NERR_AccountUndefined
22398bfThis user account has expired.NERR_AccountExpired
22408c0The user is not allowed to log on from this workstation.NERR_InvalidWorkstation
22418c1The user is not allowed to log on at this time.NERR_InvalidLogonHours
22428c2The password of this user has expired.NERR_PasswordExpired
22438c3The password of this user cannot change.NERR_PasswordCantChange
22448c4This password cannot be used now.NERR_PasswordHistConflict
22458c5The password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.NERR_PasswordTooShort
22468c6The password of this user is too recent to change.NERR_PasswordTooRecent
22478c7The security database is corrupted.NERR_InvalidDatabase
22488c8No updates are necessary to this replicant network/local security database.NERR_DatabaseUpToDate
22498c9This replicant database is outdated; synchronization is required.NERR_SyncRequired
22508caThe network connection could not be found.NERR_UseNotFound
22518cbThis asg_type is invalid.NERR_BadAsgType
22528ccThis device is currently being shared.NERR_DeviceIsShared
22708deThe computer name could not be added as a message alias. The name may already exist on the network.NERR_NoComputerName
22718dfThe Messenger service is already started.NERR_MsgAlreadyStarted
22728e0The Messenger service failed to start.NERR_MsgInitFailed
22738e1The message alias could not be found on the network.NERR_NameNotFound
22748e2This message alias has already been forwarded.NERR_AlreadyForwarded
22758e3This message alias has been added but is still forwarded.NERR_AddForwarded
22768e4This message alias already exists locally.NERR_AlreadyExists
22778e5The maximum number of added message aliases has been exceeded.NERR_TooManyNames
22788e6The computer name could not be deleted.NERR_DelComputerName
22798e7Messages cannot be forwarded back to the same workstation.NERR_LocalForward
22808e8An error occurred in the domain message processor.NERR_GrpMsgProcessor
22818e9The message was sent, but the recipient has paused the Messenger service.NERR_PausedRemote
22828eaThe message was sent but not received.NERR_BadReceive
22838ebThe message alias is currently in use. Try again later.NERR_NameInUse
22848ecThe Messenger service has not been started.NERR_MsgNotStarted
22858edThe name is not on the local computer.NERR_NotLocalName
22868eeThe forwarded message alias could not be found on the network.NERR_NoForwardName
22878efThe message alias table on the remote station is full.NERR_RemoteFull
22888f0Messages for this alias are not currently being forwarded.NERR_NameNotForwarded
22898f1The broadcast message was truncated.NERR_TruncatedBroadcast
22948f6This is an invalid device name.NERR_InvalidDevice
22958f7A write fault occurred.NERR_WriteFault
22978f9A duplicate message alias exists on the network.NERR_DuplicateName
22988fa@W This message alias will be deleted later.NERR_DeleteLater
22998fbThe message alias was not successfully deleted from all networks.NERR_IncompleteDel
23008fcThis operation is not supported on computers with multiple networks.NERR_MultipleNets
2310906This shared resource does not exist.NERR_NetNameNotFound
2311907This device is not shared.NERR_DeviceNotShared
2312908A session does not exist with that computer name.NERR_ClientNameNotFound
231490aThere is not an open file with that identification number.NERR_FileIdNotFound
231590bA failure occurred when executing a remote administration command.NERR_ExecFailure
231690cA failure occurred when opening a remote temporary file.NERR_TmpFile
231790dThe data returned from a remote administration command has been truncated to 64K.NERR_TooMuchData
231890eThis device cannot be shared as both a spooled and a non-spooled resource.NERR_DeviceShareConflict
231990fThe information in the list of servers may be incorrect.NERR_BrowserTableIncomplete
2320910The computer is not active in this domain.NERR_NotLocalDomain
2321911The share must be removed from the Distributed File System before it can be deleted.NERR_IsDfsShare
233191bThe operation is invalid for this device.NERR_DevInvalidOpCode
233291cThis device cannot be shared.NERR_DevNotFound
233391dThis device was not open.NERR_DevNotOpen
233491eThis device name list is invalid.NERR_BadQueueDevString
233591fThe queue priority is invalid.NERR_BadQueuePriority
2337921There are no shared communication devices.NERR_NoCommDevs
2338922The queue you specified does not exist.NERR_QueueNotFound
2340924This list of devices is invalid.NERR_BadDevString
2341925The requested device is invalid.NERR_BadDev
2342926This device is already in use by the spooler.NERR_InUseBySpooler
2343927This device is already in use as a communication device.NERR_CommDevInUse
235192fThis computer name is invalid.NERR_InvalidComputer
2354932The string and prefix specified are too long.NERR_MaxLenExceeded
2356934This path component is invalid.NERR_BadComponent
2357935Could not determine the type of input.NERR_CantType
236293aThe buffer for types is not big enough.NERR_TooManyEntries
2370942Profile files cannot exceed 64K.NERR_ProfileFileTooBig
2371943The start offset is out of range.NERR_ProfileOffset
2372944The system cannot delete current connections to network resources.NERR_ProfileCleanup
2373945The system was unable to parse the command line in this file.NERR_ProfileUnknownCmd
2374946An error occurred while loading the profile file.NERR_ProfileLoadErr
2375947@W Errors occurred while saving the profile file. The profile was partially saved.NERR_ProfileSaveErr
2377949Log file %1 is full.NERR_LogOverflow
237894aThis log file has changed between reads.NERR_LogFileChanged
237994bLog file %1 is corrupt.NERR_LogFileCorrupt
238094cThe source path cannot be a directory.NERR_SourceIsDir
238194dThe source path is illegal.NERR_BadSource
238294eThe destination path is illegal.NERR_BadDest
238394fThe source and destination paths are on different servers.NERR_DifferentServers
2385951The Run server you requested is paused.NERR_RunSrvPaused
2389955An error occurred when communicating with a Run server.NERR_ErrCommRunSrv
2391957An error occurred when starting a background process.NERR_ErrorExecingGhost
2392958The shared resource you are connected to could not be found.NERR_ShareNotFound
2400960The LAN adapter number is invalid.NERR_InvalidLana
2401961There are open files on the connection.NERR_OpenFiles
2402962Active connections still exist.NERR_ActiveConns
2403963This share name or password is invalid.NERR_BadPasswordCore
2404964The device is being accessed by an active process.NERR_DevInUse
2405965The drive letter is in use locally.NERR_LocalDrive
243097eThe specified client is already registered for the specified event.NERR_AlertExists
243197fThe alert table is full.NERR_TooManyAlerts
2432980An invalid or nonexistent alert name was raised.NERR_NoSuchAlert
2433981The alert recipient is invalid.NERR_BadRecipient
2434982A user's session with this server has been deletedNERR_AcctLimitExceeded
2440988The log file does not contain the requested record number.NERR_InvalidLogSeek
2450992The user accounts database is not configured correctly.NERR_BadUasConfig
2451993This operation is not permitted when the Netlogon service is running.NERR_InvalidUASOp
2452994This operation is not allowed on the last administrative account.NERR_LastAdmin
2453995Could not find domain controller for this domain.NERR_DCNotFound
2454996Could not set logon information for this user.NERR_LogonTrackingError
2455997The Netlogon service has not been started.NERR_NetlogonNotStarted
2456998Unable to add to the user accounts database.NERR_CanNotGrowUASFile
2457999This server's clock is not synchronized with the primary domain controller's clock.NERR_TimeDiffAtDC
245899aA password mismatch has been detected.NERR_PasswordMismatch
246099cThe server identification does not specify a valid server.NERR_NoSuchServer
246199dThe session identification does not specify a valid session.NERR_NoSuchSession
246299eThe connection identification does not specify a valid connection.NERR_NoSuchConnection
246399fThere is no space for another entry in the table of available servers.NERR_TooManyServers
24649a0The server has reached the maximum number of sessions it supports.NERR_TooManySessions
24659a1The server has reached the maximum number of connections it supports.NERR_TooManyConnections
24669a2The server cannot open more files because it has reached its maximum number.NERR_TooManyFiles
24679a3There are no alternate servers registered on this server.NERR_NoAlternateServers
24709a6Try down-level (remote admin protocol) version of API instead.NERR_TryDownLevel
24809b0The UPS driver could not be accessed by the UPS service.NERR_UPSDriverNotStarted
24819b1The UPS service is not configured correctly.NERR_UPSInvalidConfig
24829b2The UPS service could not access the specified Comm Port.NERR_UPSInvalidCommPort
24839b3The UPS indicated a line fail or low battery situation. Service not started.NERR_UPSSignalAsserted
24849b4The UPS service failed to perform a system shut down.NERR_UPSShutdownFailed
25009c4The program below returned an MS-DOS error code:NERR_BadDosRetCode
25019c5The program below needs more memory:NERR_ProgNeedsExtraMem
25029c6The program below called an unsupported MS-DOS function:NERR_BadDosFunction
25039c7The workstation failed to boot.NERR_RemoteBootFailed
25049c8The file below is corrupt.NERR_BadFileCheckSum
25059c9No loader is specified in the boot-block definition file.NERR_NoRplBootSystem
25069caNetBIOS returned an error: The NCB and SMB are dumped above.NERR_RplLoadrNetBiosErr
25079cbA disk I/O error occurred.NERR_RplLoadrDiskErr
25089ccImage parameter substitution failed.NERR_ImageParamErr
25099cdToo many image parameters cross disk sector boundaries.NERR_TooManyImageParams
25109ceThe image was not generated from an MS-DOS diskette formatted with /S.NERR_NonDosFloppyUsed
25119cfRemote boot will be restarted later.NERR_RplBootRestart
25129d0The call to the Remoteboot server failed.NERR_RplSrvrCallFailed
25139d1Cannot connect to the Remoteboot server.NERR_CantConnectRplSrvr
25149d2Cannot open image file on the Remoteboot server.NERR_CantOpenImageFile
25159d3Connecting to the Remoteboot server...NERR_CallingRplSrvr
25169d4Connecting to the Remoteboot server...NERR_StartingRplBoot
25179d5Remote boot service was stopped; check the error log for the cause of the problem.NERR_RplBootServiceTerm
25189d6Remote boot startup failed; check the error log for the cause of the problem.NERR_RplBootStartFailed
25199d7A second connection to a Remoteboot resource is not allowed.NERR_RPL_CONNECTED
25509f6The browser service was configured with MaintainServerList=No.NERR_BrowserConfiguredToNotRun
2610a32Service failed to start since none of the network adapters started with this service.NERR_RplNoAdaptersStarted
2611a33Service failed to start due to bad startup information in the registry.NERR_RplBadRegistry
2612a34Service failed to start because its database is absent or corrupt.NERR_RplBadDatabase
2613a35Service failed to start because RPLFILES share is absent.NERR_RplRplfilesShare
2614a36Service failed to start because RPLUSER group is absent.NERR_RplNotRplServer
2615a37Cannot enumerate service records.NERR_RplCannotEnum
2616a38Workstation record information has been corrupted.NERR_RplWkstaInfoCorrupted
2617a39Workstation record was not found.NERR_RplWkstaNotFound
2618a3aWorkstation name is in use by some other workstation.NERR_RplWkstaNameUnavailable
2619a3bProfile record information has been corrupted.NERR_RplProfileInfoCorrupted
2620a3cProfile record was not found.NERR_RplProfileNotFound
2621a3dProfile name is in use by some other profile.NERR_RplProfileNameUnavailable
2622a3eThere are workstations using this profile.NERR_RplProfileNotEmpty
2623a3fConfiguration record information has been corrupted.NERR_RplConfigInfoCorrupted
2624a40Configuration record was not found.NERR_RplConfigNotFound
2625a41Adapter ID record information has been corrupted.NERR_RplAdapterInfoCorrupted
2626a42An internal service error has occurred.NERR_RplInternal
2627a43Vendor ID record information has been corrupted.NERR_RplVendorInfoCorrupted
2628a44Boot block record information has been corrupted.NERR_RplBootInfoCorrupted
2629a45The user account for this workstation record is missing.NERR_RplWkstaNeedsUserAcct
2630a46The RPLUSER local group could not be found.NERR_RplNeedsRPLUSERAcct
2631a47Boot block record was not found.NERR_RplBootNotFound
2632a48Chosen profile is incompatible with this workstation.NERR_RplIncompatibleProfile
2633a49Chosen network adapter ID is in use by some other workstation.NERR_RplAdapterNameUnavailable
2634a4aThere are profiles using this configuration.NERR_RplConfigNotEmpty
2635a4bThere are workstations, profiles, or configurations using this boot block.NERR_RplBootInUse
2636a4cService failed to backup Remoteboot database.NERR_RplBackupDatabase
2637a4dAdapter record was not found.NERR_RplAdapterNotFound
2638a4eVendor record was not found.NERR_RplVendorNotFound
2639a4fVendor name is in use by some other vendor record.NERR_RplVendorNameUnavailable
2640a50(boot name, vendor ID) is in use by some other boot block record.NERR_RplBootNameUnavailable
2641a51Configuration name is in use by some other configuration.NERR_RplConfigNameUnavailable
2660a64The internal database maintained by the Dfs service is corrupt.NERR_DfsInternalCorruption
2661a65One of the records in the internal Dfs database is corrupt.NERR_DfsVolumeDataCorrupt
2662a66There is no DFS name whose entry path matches the input Entry Path.NERR_DfsNoSuchVolume
2663a67A root or link with the given name already exists.NERR_DfsVolumeAlreadyExists
2664a68The server share specified is already shared in the Dfs.NERR_DfsAlreadyShared
2665a69The indicated server share does not support the indicated DFS namespace.NERR_DfsNoSuchShare
2666a6aThe operation is not valid on this portion of the namespace.NERR_DfsNotALeafVolume
2667a6bThe operation is not valid on this portion of the namespace.NERR_DfsLeafVolume
2668a6cThe operation is ambiguous because the link has multiple servers.NERR_DfsVolumeHasMultipleServers
2669a6dUnable to create a link.NERR_DfsCantCreateJunctionPoint
2670a6eThe server is not Dfs Aware.NERR_DfsServerNotDfsAware
2671a6fThe specified rename target path is invalid.NERR_DfsBadRenamePath
2672a70The specified DFS link is offline.NERR_DfsVolumeIsOffline
2673a71The specified server is not a server for this link.NERR_DfsNoSuchServer
2674a72A cycle in the Dfs name was detected.NERR_DfsCyclicalName
2675a73The operation is not supported on a server-based Dfs.NERR_DfsNotSupportedInServerDfs
2676a74This link is already supported by the specified server-share.NERR_DfsDuplicateService
2677a75Can't remove the last server-share supporting this root or link.NERR_DfsCantRemoveLastServerShare
2678a76The operation is not supported for an Inter-DFS link.NERR_DfsVolumeIsInterDfs
2679a77The internal state of the Dfs Service has become inconsistent.NERR_DfsInconsistent
2680a78The Dfs Service has been installed on the specified server.NERR_DfsServerUpgraded
2681a79The Dfs data being reconciled is identical.NERR_DfsDataIsIdentical
2682a7aThe DFS root cannot be deleted. Uninstall DFS if required.NERR_DfsCantRemoveDfsRoot
2683a7bA child or parent directory of the share is already in a Dfs.NERR_DfsChildOrParentInDfs
2690a82Dfs internal error.NERR_DfsInternalError
2691a83This computer is already joined to a domain.NERR_SetupAlreadyJoined
2692a84This computer is not currently joined to a domain.NERR_SetupNotJoined
2693a85This computer is a domain controller and cannot be unjoined from a domain.NERR_SetupDomainController
2694a86The destination domain controller does not support creating machine accounts in OUs.NERR_DefaultJoinRequired
2695a87The specified workgroup name is invalid.NERR_InvalidWorkgroupName
2696a88The specified computer name is incompatible with the default language used on the domain controller.NERR_NameUsesIncompatibleCodePage
2697a89The specified computer account could not be found.NERR_ComputerAccountNotFound
2698a8aThis version of Windows cannot be joined to a domain.NERR_PersonalSku
2701a8dThe password must change at the next logon.NERR_PasswordMustChange
2702a8eThe account is locked out.NERR_AccountLockedOut
2703a8fThe password is too long.NERR_PasswordTooLong
2704a90The password does not meet the complexity policy.NERR_PasswordNotComplexEnough
2705a91The password does not meet the requirements of the password filter DLLs.NERR_PasswordFilterError
2709a95The offline join completion information was not found.NERR_NoOfflineJoinInfo
2710a96The offline join completion information was bad.NERR_BadOfflineJoinInfo
2711a97Unable to create offline join information. Please ensure you have access to the specified path location and permissions to modify its contents. Running as an elevated administrator may be required.NERR_CantCreateJoinInfo
2712a98The domain join info being saved was incomplete or bad.NERR_BadDomainJoinInfo
2713a99Offline join operation successfully completed but a restart is needed.NERR_JoinPerformedMustRestart
2714a9aThere was no offline join operation pending.NERR_NoJoinPending
2715a9bUnable to set one or more requested machine or domain name values on the local computer. NERR_ValuesNotSet
2716a9cCould not verify the current machine's hostname against the saved value in the join completion information.NERR_CantVerifyHostname
2717a9dUnable to load the specified offline registry hive. Please ensure you have access to the specified path location and permissions to modify its contents. Running as an elevated administrator may be required.NERR_CantLoadOfflineHive
2718a9eThe minimum session security requirements for this operation were not met.NERR_ConnectionInsecure
2719a9fComputer account provisioning blob version is not supported.NERR_ProvisioningBlobUnsupported