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MRxSmb - 3019


Description »
The redirector failed to determine the connection type.
Data formatted as » WORDS
0000: 00000000 004e0004 00000000

Two KB articles exist for this error, and both of them describe the same issue - mapping a drive to the loopback adapter:
For Windows 2003/XP, see: MS KB315244
For Windows 2000, see: MS KB267934

This was supposedly fixed for XP SP2, as documented in MS KB889000 - although forum/USENET feedback suggests the hotfix is of little help, if any at all.
The article claims: "Note This problem is resolved in the file Tcpip.sys version 5.1.2600.2505 and later versions". However - I am currently sitting at a Windows 2003 Server, with tcpip.sys version 5.2.3790.4573, and I am still able to recreate the problem by pointing explorer.exe to \\\smbshare. I cannot replicate the issue by using the command line, however.

Because this happens when NetBT attempts to negotiate speed, I would be tempted to look at where your SMB/CIFS connections are heading to - especially if you're using some non-MS CIFS servers (eg a NAS, or a SAMBA server) - and running NetMon or WireShark to see exactly what's going on and where.

There's also some suggestions out there that disabling the Scalable Networking Pack for Win2003 SP2 can resolve the issue, particularly if you have the misfortune of having Broadcom-based NICs.