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SNMP - 1100


Description »
The SNMP Service is ignoring the manager snmpbox01 because its name could not be resolved.
Data formatted as » None

If you're seeing this, it means you have configured an SNMP permitted manager which either doesn't exist, or whose name cannot be resolved.

In this example, the permitted manager is called snmpbox01. From the machine with the issue, you need to verify that you can resolve the short name 'snmpbox01'. If you can't verify this, and you're sure that you actually have a server called snmpbox01, you need to find its IP address and ensure there is a valid DNS record for it. Also, bear in mind that if your server has a suffix search list of just 'example.local', and snmpbox01 has an FQDN of 'snmpbox01.example.com', you won't be able to resolve the shortname by DNS. You'll have to either ammend your suffix search order, add a new record for snmpbox01 in the example.local DNS zone, or just remove it from the list of permitted managers.

For manageability, you might like to consider enforcing the list of permitted managed by Group Policy. This way, when snmpbox01 gets decommissioned and replaced with snmpbox02, you can easily update all your servers with the change at the same time.

SNMP Service Properties

These settings are stored in the registry at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SNMP\Parameters\PermittedManagers. There is a GUI interface available for editing them, too. Open the services.msc mmc snap-in, find "SNMP Service" in the list, double-click it and then click on the Security tab. The list of hosts/IPs under 'Accept SNMP packets from these hosts' is the permitted managers.