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Userenv - 1109


Description »
CN=User Name,OU=Org Unit,OU=Org Unit,DC=domain,DC=fqdn from a different forest logged onto this machine. Cross Forest Group Policy processing is disabled and loopback processing has been enforced in this forest for this user account.
Data formatted as » None

A user from some other trusted AD forest has logged on, and this computer has the Allow Cross-Forest User Policy and Roaming User Profiles setting disabled, or left unconfigured. The setting can be found in the local computer policy, under Computer Configuration » Administrative Templates » System » Group Policy. The explanation text for this setting explains the occurrence of this event:

When this setting is Not Configured:
- No user based policy settings are applied from the user's forest
- User will not receive their roaming profiles, they will receive a local profile on the computer from the local forest. A warning message will be shown to the user, and an Event Log message (1529) will be posted.
- Loopback Group Policy processing will be applied, using the Group Policy Objects scoped to the machine.
- An Event Log message (1109) will be posted stating that Loopback was invoked in replace mode.


When this setting is Disabled, the behavior is the same as Not Configured.