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Description »
User user@domain.fqdn at host has timed-out after 120 seconds of inactivity.
Data formatted as » None

This event is telling you that an FTP session hit the timeout limit for inactivity. The most probable cause is that somebody (in this case it was user@domain.fqdn) has opened an ftp connection to your server and then left it idle for 120 seconds.

In IIS 6, you can set the timeout using IIS Manager, either for all FTP sites or a specific FTP site. To do this, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, and expand the tree listing until you see either FTP Sites or the specific FTP site you wish to set the timeout for. Right click... properties... and there you should see Connection timeout (in seconds).

This is described in more detail in the Performance Tuning section of the Technet IIS 6.0 Operations Guide.