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MSExchangeActiveSyncNotify - 11309


Description »
An internal error has occurred. Consult the debug trace log for more information.
Data formatted as » WORDS
0000: 00000015 

This event may appear if you've recently moved storage around on your Exchange server, and indicates that push notifications to mobile devices are not functioning.

You will need to use adsiedit.msc to resolve this issue. Open adsiedit.msc and navigate to configuration\services\microsoft exchange\Administrative Groups\ActivesyncAdmins\servers\exchservername\protocols\smtp\CN=1\. Look for an attribute called msExchSmtpPickupDirectory. Check that this points to a valid location on disk, which your SMTP service account has permissions to, then restart the Simple Mail Transfer service.

Note that the value of 00000015 in the data section would usually suggest it was win error 0x15, or decimal 21 - which is "The device is not ready", however - for some reason, in this event 15 means decimal 15, which is "The system cannot find the drive specified".