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Service Control Manager - 7024


Description »
The SNMP Service terminated with service specific error 3.
Data formatted as » None

Event ID 7024 - Service Control Manager - The SNMP Service Terminated...

Microsoft KB article MS KB158770 suggests that this happens when something else has been bound to port 161. You can try changing the port listed for snmp in the %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\services file, then start up SNMP instead.

I would suggest using netstat to determine which other process is bound to 161/udp first. I have seen some Symantec processes bind to this port in the past, and have also seen other processes related to SNMP extension agents take the binding, too. Changing the port in the services file will tell if you that really is the problem, but an SNMP agent on a port other than 161/udp is unlikely to be of much use (unless your entire environment has been configured to use an alternate port).