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MSExchangeIS - 1159


Description »
Database error 0xfffffdf9 occurred in function JTAB_BASE::EcUpdate while accessing the database "Storage Group 1\Priv1". 
Data formatted as » None

This event tells you that Exchange was unable to write transaction logs, so it's dismounted the store.

So why can't it write logs? Well, it could be that the disk is full. There's simply no space left to write any more log files. Or perhaps you have more than 1,008 uncommitted transaction log files. That might happen if you have a long-running full backup of the storage group. It can be monitored with the Database ==> Instances\Log Generation Checkpoint Depth performance counter.

The error can be looked up in the err.exe tool, like this:

C:\Windows\System32>err 0xfffffdf9 # for hex 0xfffffdf9 / decimal -519 JET_errLogSequenceEnd esent98.h # /* Maximum log file number exceeded */ JET_errLogSequenceEnd jet500.h # /* Exceed maximum log file number */ # 2 matches found for "0xfffffdf9"

This tells us that the cause of the problem in this case is that Exchange's Jet db engine has run out of log sequence numbers. You will probably have seen some events with ID 514 warning you that this would happen.