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DhcpServer - 1059


Description »
The DHCP service failed to see a directory server for authorization.
Data formatted as » WORDS
0000: 0000203a 

MS DHCP servers need to be authorised in the active directory forest before they will start handing out IP leases. When you see this error appear in your system log, it means that the DHCP service was unable to contact a domain controller to determine if it is authorised to run.

Look at why your DHCP server might not be able to communicate with a domain controller (or why it might not have been able to do so at the time this message was logged).

The data shows you the Win32 Error code. In the example above, the data contains 203A. In decimal, this is 8250 - which means The server is not operational. You may also see 203B (8251 - A local error has occurred).