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Deus Ex Machina

Welcome to a (small) collection of bits and pieces. First thing I need to say is that it is pronounced "Day Us Ex Mash In Ah". See Google for more details on the meaning and origin.

This is a small site, in the process of being revived at its new URL. I'm updating documents, and adding new ones, too. Here's a small selection of the mostly new stuff I've been putting on this site

Windows Eventlog - A collection of Windows Eventlog entries, sometimes with relationships to KB articles, sometimes with additional information about them.
STOP errors - a list of STOP errors, related to known causes of each of them.
KB Articles - the master list of KB articles, which are related to other things (eg eventlogs or STOP errors).
Your HTTP Headers - in case you were wondering what information your browser is sending out.
NTSTATUS Codes - an html table of the ntstatus.h header file.
Software Package Info - the master list of software packages, which are related to other objects (eg KB articles).
QFE files - if you were wondering if you really are running the latest version of somefile.sys
Windows Registry - A woefully incomplete registry reference. It exists mainly to relate registry keys to errors and HOWTOs.
WHOIS - a simple web WHOIS utility (currently offline due to abuse).
Geo-IP Test - attempts to tell which country you are located in.
PoolTag Mask Generator - to help you when using the Special Pool feature to troubleshoot corruption.

If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, enjoy a random link: Image Puzzle

Or better yet, enjoy a random event ID: TermService - 1012